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Вторник, 04.08.2020
Well if you witness this cinematic monstrosity, you will see existing proof that bad disaster movies were indeed churned out after "The Swarm".

This movie was encouraged to be filmed at the time because Irwin Allen still had one film left on his contract to be directed and the film studio wanted to get their money's worth while they could.

I for one could not believe that William Holden and Paul Newman would agree to star in this rubbish. I read William Holden's biography and I read that both Newman and Holden were contractually obliged to star in one more film to be directed by Irwin Allen, and unfortunately, this was it. With Holden and Newman on board, it seemed like a logical idea to jump aboard this turkey. Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Jacqueline Bissett and James Franciscus climb on for the ride. Somewhere in there, Burgess Meredith and Italian film veteran, Valentina Cortese also signed on. Unlike Olivia De Havilland who onced admitted that she made a huge mistake ... Читать дальше »
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With a new "Spider-Man" movie due out this May, an upcoming sequel to "Blade," and "X-Men 2" to start filming soon, I thought it would be appropriate to review some of the previous attempts that Marvel Comics has made to get their characters onto the big screen. It's no questions that their films have never been as successful as their arch rivals, DC Comics, especially in the nineties. While there was a successful TV Incredible Hulk series in the seventies, a never-released, low-budget "Fantastic Four" flick, and an *ahem* film version of "The Punisher" that is not even worthy of mention, at the end of the day, the only cinematic interpretations of their heroes that are worth commenting on at all are "Blade," "X-Men," and "Captain America."

In an earlier review, written back in my naive, less-educated-in-Cinema-days, I stated that "Captain America" was the greatest super-hero film ever made. This is not a true statement, and it was one I made having not seen the film in a few ye ... Читать дальше »
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A cast of fading actors and the "who's that?" of Hollywood headline this atrocious production that delivers more laughs than anything.

Following the formula of its preceding disaster foes, "AVALANCHE" combines interwoven plot-lines involving love affairs and the disaster itself. Thrown into this sorry melange are Rock Hudson, Robert Forster, Mia Farrow and 50's silver screen star, Jeanette Nolan.

In "AVALANCHE", Rock Hudson is David Shelby - a well-meaning but extremely foolish ski-resort owner who has ignored all warnings from environmentalists in building a new ski-resort while removing all the trees in the process which spells the perfect recipe for disaster. Robert Forster is the environmentalist who warns Hudson that removing all the trees from the mountain will result in causing deadly avalanches. Mia Farrow is Hudson's ex-wife, new love interest to Forster and Jeanette Nolan is Hudson's flighty mother who likes nothing more than a Bloody Mary to sip on every five m ... Читать дальше »
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Sure they ripped off the premise from another movie, but at least it was good (Enter the Dragon). I loved the games until the 4th one and was widely known as being one of its best and most devoted followers. So maybe all this is why my then-girlfriend's idiot stoner brother told me that he heard this movie was incredible, and I excitedly went to see it.

I'm a patient guy, and I have almost never felt the urge to walk out of a movie due to boredom (Tank Girl is the only other one I recall). But MKA here is a joke. If you really feel the need to see this movie and be surprised, then be forewarned because there are spoilers ahead.

Here's one right off the bat. MKA isn't a sequel proper to the original Mortal Kombat. The original MK was, reasonably, based on the first game. A couple future characters made cameos, but that's it. So it stands to also reason that MKA would be about the second game, the one most fans widely regard to be the best. But whereas the MK film was made ... Читать дальше »
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The young man is captured by his pursuers, and taken to the imposing Fortress of Lord Norinaga. Inside, we see Lord Norinaga confront his captive, who we find to be his son, Prince Kenshin. Norinaga quarrels with his son, who is ashamed of his father's actions in what he considers to be an unjust war. Just as Norinaga is about to strike his son down for disgracing him, we hear a gun shot fired. Enter Walker, a conniving English trader. He warns Norinaga that the rebels are about to attack. Guards take Prince Kenshin away, as Norinaga and his British allies prepare for battle.

NEW YORK CITY, The Present: We find the Turtles in their sewer abode, practicing their ninja skills. April appears to present gifts to the teen terrapins as they've offered to watch her apartment while she goes on vacation. She's brought an odd scepter along to give to Master Splinter... which begins to glow with weird magic. In a flash, April disappears, and in her place is a man... Prince Kenshin! April ... Читать дальше »
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